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Little Flower Kindergarten curriculum is based on developmentally appropriate education that challenges and encourages, but never pushes. The joyous environment, child friendly equipment, toys and games, help a child to listen, discover, imagine, create. The love and warmth of teachers, who appreciate that each child is unique, take interest in each child’s mental, physical and emotional growth, facilitating the urge of “self-discovery” in each child..


Our classes adopt play-way and activity oriented approach with emphasis on the improvement of speaking, reading and writing skills.

Scheme of Studies


KG I: English, Mathematics, General Knowledge, Art & Craft, Games.

KG II: English, Mathematics, General Knowledge, EVS, Art & Craft, Music, and Games.

Co-curricular activities will be held on a weekly basis, eg:- fancy dress, show and tell, colours day, mothers’ day, visits to park and zoo etc.


Student Assessment System​

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE):

CCE is a process to provide holistic profile of the learner through regular assessment of both scholastic and co-scholastic aspects of development over the total span of learning time. Besides scholastic, the scheme lays emphasis on acquisition of essential life skills, attitudes and values, interests and achievements in the co-curricular activities. The assessment is also done on class work, home work, assignments and participation in other class activities.


For KG-I and KG-2, the assessment system includes the following:

  • Tests in English and Math after completion of each concept.

  • Monthly GK test and Rhyme test (oral).

  • Annual written exam for Math and English.

  • Continuous and comprehensive evaluation by the class teacher.