Fathers' Day

on 16th June 2019

"Dad, a son's first hero and a daughter's first love."


On 16th June 2019, LFK celebrated Fathers' Day.

Fathers' Day is a celebration of honouring fathers and celebrating fatherhood.

Fathers play an important role in the child's development from birth to adulthood. Involvement from a father helps children tremendously.

Children treasure the valuable moments and the fun they have with their dad.

It was a pleasure to see their love and affection for their father while they made Father's day card. They had so much to talk about their hero.

Environment Day

on 29th May 2019

WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY is observed every year on 5th June to raise global awareness, to take positive environmental action & to protect nature and our planet earth. 


On behalf of this LFK  conducted ENVIRONMENT DAY AWARENESS in our school campus. We mainly wanted to create awareness about environmental problems the world or a specific country is facing.

Our teachers explained this in the simplest way for our tiny tots. They were also given simple examples of the theme REUSE REDUCE RECYCLE. 


Every child was given an opportunity to plant seeds and nurture them.When the first sign of green popped through the soil, the biggest smiles were on their faces. Children had promised that once they take their plants home they will continue to nurture them, making sure they get plenty of water and light. 

We believe this was the best way to celebrate environment day by involving every child to plant a sapling and make our world green.

Mothers' Day

on 12th May 2019

Mother’s Day is a celebration of love, bond  and affection between a mother and a child.It celebrates the spirit of motherhood.

This is a special day for children as well as the mothers and they get an opportunity to relish the everlasting affection between them.

Our KG-1 kids decorated a crown for their super mom and prepared a card as a part of the celebration whereas our KG-2 kids made a beautiful card for their mom with paper tulip flowers.

Every child had so much to talk about their mothers. It was a pleasure to see their love towards their mothers. The spark in their eyes showed that their mom means the world to them. 

Our teachers explained the value of motherhood and also made them aware of the importance of respecting all mothers.

Fruit Salad Day

on 28th April 2019

As a part of educating our children about healthy eating, LFK conducted 

Fruit Salad Day for our KG-1 students on 28th April 2019.


Our tiny toddlers were super excited to bring fruits from home and to see their teachers making fruit salad for them. We believe it was a best way to teach our children the importance of eating fruits. Our teachers also explained about healthy eating which is very important from early childhood.

Show & Tell Competition

on 25th April 2019

On 25th April 2019, LFK conducted Show and Tell competition in the school campus. We conducted this classroom activity to teach our children the skills of public speaking and the importance of healthy eating.


KG-1 children were asked to bring a fruit or vegetable of their choice  whereas KG-2 children were asked to bring any object of their choice and speak few lines about it

We believe this develops the confidence in them to stand in front of an audience without fear and speak.

Qatar National Day Celebration

On 16th December 2018

Children were made aware that Qatar National Day  is a national commemoration of Qatar's unification in 1878.


Our children came dressed as Qatari Nationals and they were looking truly adorable in their attire. They were so eager to show their costumes and explain who they were dressed like.


Our teachers had prepared a video explaining the peculiarities of Qatar which was an added knowledge for our children. Qatar flag collage activity was conducted as a part of the celebration.

Children's Day

on 14th November 2018

Children's Day is to celebrate childhood. The true essence of this day is to understand the significance of childhood.For our tiny toddlers this was a day of joy, freedom and to engage in fun.


The day started off with Fancy Dress Competition. All our children were excited and dressed adorably. Many of them were dressed in some excellent innovative ideas which was a visual treat.

Children's day was followed up with children dancing and having fun with music.

The day ended up with the class teacher giving them a gift & chocolate with good wishes for the day. Their joy knew no bounds.Their eyes were full of innocence and smile full of love.
It was a fun filled day for the students.


As a part of Children's Day celebration we had invited the MC Donald's team to our kindergarten on 15th November 2018.

They organised a wonderful event for our students by conducting various games and making everyone dance. Children were overwhelmed to see the entry of the special character who danced with them and chose the best dancers.


Kids were super happy with the two day fun.

Field Trip

on 23rd October 2018

This field trip was planned mainly to reinforce healthy ideas for being a healthy kid.

Our main aim was to teach students a number of healthy habits and the importance of a nutritious balanced diet.

They were very much excited to see fresh fruits and vegetables. Our teachers explained the importance of eating fruits, vegetables, drinking milk, eating eggs and also made them aware of a healthy living.

This trip was very much informative and they enjoyed the day.

Colours Day

from 27th Sep to 18th October 2018.

We celebrated colours day every Thursday.

Students were asked to come dressed in different colours and also bring objects of the particular colour.


LFK was looking wonderful in different colours.

This activity created great enthusiasm and it was full of fun.


On 12th & 13th December 2018

The word PICNIC brings the spark of joy in the eyes of our tiny toddlers. 

It was a perfect day for an outing.There was excitement right from the time children started boarding bus for  picnic. The kids were full of enthusiasm and bursting with energy. 

The children enjoyed sitting on various rides and having loads of fun with their friends in the play area. The ambiance was filled with joy and laughter.

They were in their own world and enjoyed the freedom to play with their best friends.


It was indeed a memorable outing which refreshed their minds and rejuvenated their energy.

International / Traditional Day

on 20th September 2018

Our aim was to make children aware of the importance of their tradition as well as experience different traditions.

Our teachers explained different traditions by decorating their class board with pictures of different traditional wears.

The blooming buds of LFK were asked to come dressed in their traditional attire and speak a few words about their state/country. They 

were absolutely adorable in their traditional dress.

It was a wonderful experience for them to see different traditions and also know about different states and countries.

Lemonade Day

on 9th & 10th May 2018

BEAT THE HEAT was the theme and teachers explained and demonstrated the making of lemonade. All the children were so eager to see the complete procedure and they were excited to taste the delicious lemonade which their teachers prepared for them. The feedback from our lovely kids made us feel truly happy.

Our teachers explained the importance of drinking lots of water during summer. We made them aware that it is very important to drink fresh fruit juices and not any aerated drinks. 

Our kids truly enjoyed the day.

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